Stars of Happiness™

Cuttings Mystery Lady® Asters
(Symphyotrichum novi-belgii)

Gartneriet Råhøj has specialized in the production of cuttings for nurseries which produce finished Symphyotrichum (Aster) novi-belgii products.

We place great emphasis on personal contact and good cooperation. Our goal is to know our customers and their needs and to, based on this, provide each customer with the best service possible.

We produce the ‘Mystery Lady® serie. All strains are protected and may therefore not be reproduced.

Go to, and learn more about the Mystery Lady® asters.

You can also get more inspiration on the use of Mystery Lady® Asters here on this site.

Mystery Lady® Asters are distributed by:

Europe: Gasa Youngplants

Japan: Hakusan

USA: Gasa Youngplants & Greenex


The protection of the varieties are represented by

US Patent numbers:

  • ‘Grace’ : USPP 23,828 P3
  • ‘Jessica’ USPP 21,117 P2
  • ‘Maggie’ USPP 23,827 P3
  • ‘Nicole’   USPP 27,803

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